Classroom Consequences that Work
Let's talk about some real classroom consequences that you can incorporate quickly and effectively TODAY....
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Vocabulary in Social Studies | Elementary Social Studies
While I have taught most of the upper elementary grades in my teaching career, the one I was most excited...
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How to Survive the Days Before Spring Break (yes, it's possible) - FREEBIE
It’s that time of year again…the weather is beginning to warm up, the long months following...
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Teaching Ancient Civilizations in a Memorable Way! (FREE Download)
Teaching Ancient Civilizations often feels like a merry-go-round of information for students. It can...
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Teaching Earth's Place in the Universe: Unpack the Standard
Teach Earth's Place in the Universe in an effective and fool proof way! I will help you unpack the standard,...
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Enjoy Teaching the Civil War Battles - and Make it Effortless
One of my favorite subjects to teach in Social Studies is the Civil War. I love diving into the whole...
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Differentiation in Social Studies
Differentiation in Social Studies is so important. Learn how you can help all students learn and retain...
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How to Use Guided Reading Centers Successfully in Upper Elementary
Guided Reading Centers in 5th Grade - Plus a FREEBIE!
Discover how to run Guided Reading Centers in 5th Grade! Bring social studies into your guided reading...
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10 people to study pin 3 (1500 × 1200 px)
10 People to Study in your Classroom During Black History Month
Explore 10 People to study during Black History Month in your classroom! Jackie Robinson, Ruby Bridges,...
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Teaching Photosynthesis and Hydroponics
Teaching Photosynthesis and Hydroponics (Grades 3-5)
Teaching photosynthesis and hydroponics should go hand-in-hand! Students will learn what plants need...
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Teaching Human Impact on the Environment
Teach students about the ways that humans affect the environment. With a focus on renewable and nonrenewable...
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Expository writing projects (1500 × 1200 px) (1)
A Valentine's Day Escape Room - and Tips for surviving the Day!
Need a NO PREP Valentine's Day Activity for grades 3-5?
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