Teaching Human Impact on the Environment

I learn best when I have both visual and auditory input, so I teach Human Impact on the Environment in the way that I would want it to be taught. I use digital slides to provide basic information, and allow our discussions to flow organically based on those slides. Students take notes as we go using the guided notes that I have laid out to follow the slides.

I start by teaching students about the negative ways that humans impact the planet. From soil degradation, to deforestation, to runoff. The top photos show the slides, and the lower photos show the guided notes for students.

I then teach students about the variety of ways that humans are can positively impact the environment from renewable energy, to reforestation, to more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Then, I reinforce the concepts we discussed by going over important vocabulary and analyzing cause and effect relationships (a HUGE part of NGSS).

Science can be challenging to teach in an engaging and effective way, and a lot of times the most memorable lessons for students are the ones that fostered the most organic discussion. It can completely change your science instruction!

Below are two resources that I use in my own classroom to teach students about the ways humans impact the environment. Click the photos to see how they can work in your classroom!

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