Teach a Meaningful Social Studies Lesson in 25 Minutes! – Plus a FREEBIE

Raise your hand if you feel like your science and social studies instruction time gets cut shorter and shorter every year. I DID! It seemed like every time something had to be cut, it was from those two subjects. I had to quickly learn how to teach an effected social studies lesson in 25 minutes…and it was not easy.

3 minutes – Quick recap from yesterday
(“Yesterday we talked about the differences between General Lee and General Grant. Let’s see if we can remember 8 of those differences in the next two minutes. Timer starts….NOW!”)

15 minutes – Story time
History should be taught like a STORY. Kids should be just as interested in it as they would be in your read aloud. So how do you make this happen? PUT DOWN the notes, and let your students just listen. FIRST tell the story, THEN take the notes. When students listen and take notes simultaneously, they aren’t engaged in the material and you aren’t allowing them to MAKE CONNECTIONS TO THE MATERIAL.

So there you have it. Put the social studies book away, put the notebooks down, and let you students just listen and connect to history. The more they connect, the more they remember, and the more effective your social studies instruction will be!

Take a look at my FREEBIE to get a sense of how you could work it into your social studies block
Here is the Civil War unit I referenced in my “hook” section.

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