Black History Month Activities for Upper Elementary

Are you needing a way to celebrate and honor Black History Month in your classroom? Having a few Black History Month activities that you can grab throughout the month of February to encourage students to learn more about the history of black people in our country will help ensure that the month doesn’t slip by without its proper recognition!

In my classroom, I like to have students complete an activity every Monday in the month of February to commemorate Black History Month. I find that it always leads to valuable discussions that kick-start the week with a tone of appreciation and reflection.

Here’s how the NO PREP WebQuests work:

  1. Send the question/answer pages to your students digitally. Students can complete WebQuests pencil/paper, however you would still need to send them the links digitally.
  2. Students will click the link at the top of each page. Links will lead them to age-appropriate websites with articles relating to the Black History Month topic. They will read through each article, and use the information to answer the questions that are provided in the WebQuest.
  3. Engage in discussion with your students. After your students have completed their WebQuests (each one takes about 45 minutes to complete), engage in a meaningful discussion about the person that they researched.

That’s all there is to it! WebQuests are NO PREP and super easy to use in your classroom. While they do work well for independent work, I also find them to be great for partner work! Throw them in as a guided reading center, throw it into your social studies block, or assign it for homework! Whatever works best in your classroom will work with a WebQuest!

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