A Valentine’s Day Escape Room – and Tips for surviving the Day!

Are you looking for an activity for your students to do while they anxiously await their turn to pass out Valentines? A Valentine’s Day Escape Room is perfect to keep your students engaged and *somewhat* under control on the day of love!

Valentine’s day was always one of those days that I looked forward to a dreaded at the same time as a teacher. Part of me loved that the day was full of love and enthusiasm, but the other part of me dreaded the ENERGY that the kids brought with them to school that day. And passing out valentines? That part was total chaos!

It didn’t necessarily keep the classroom quiet (it’s a party, of course), but it kept it manageable and under control.

A NO PREP Valentine’s Day Escape Room

So, if you’re like me and like to keep the Valentine’s Day chaos somewhat organized, remember small groups and an engaging activity to keep them under control. Good luck!

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