5 Ways to Use WebQuests in your Classroom

The internet can be such a great learning tool for students. That being said, I always felt a lot of nerves around giving my students research assignments because I never quite felt confident that all of my students would stick to trustworthy websites. This is where WebQuests SAVED me! Below are FIVE ways that I like to use WebQuests in the classroom:

1. To introduce a new topic or unit. I loved to give my students a WebQuest the day before we were going to kick off a new unit. It is a great way to get their feet wet on the topic, without giving everything away. I found that when I would open a unit with a WebQuest, my students would enter with more enthusiasm than they otherwise would, knowing that they’re already coming in armed with a little bit of knowledge and background information!

2. Sub plans. Surprised by this one? I always liked to keep some generic activities at the ready for those unexpected sick days…which happened all of the time with three little ones at home. Hello, daycare germs! At the beginning of a unit, I would make (or purchase) a WebQuest for that topic that I could keep in my back pocket for a sub. They are super easy to assign, and they keep students on topic for that subject even with a sub in the room!

5. Test Review. If I could make it through a unit without a sick day (that’s a big IF), and I still had my WebQuest waiting for me, I would use it as a test review! It makes a great activity to help students review key concepts and ideas for an upcoming test!

There are so many ways to incorporate WebQuests into your classroom, and if you haven’t used them yet, it’s time to start! Below I have listed many of my WebQuest topics, simply click to check them out! They are one of my favorite things to create, so more are being added all of the time!

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